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Hello! I am a Japanese SAKUYA who loves overseas shops such as iHerb and Qoo10. As a young maiden (?), I want to pursue beauty and health! I am reviewing iHerb's product reviews to make that dream come true.

What is iHerb? Make women's dreams come true.

iHerb is an overseas shopping site that handles health foods, supplements and organic foods. You can purchase cosmetics and supplements that are not available in Japan and organic foods with the best cost performance.

Don’t worry about being an overseas site. It is completely Japanese and the site is easy to use, and many Japanese use it. There are many reviews on the site, and you can choose products.

This is the best shopping site that will make your dreams come true for women who want to regain their original beauty and health.

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In this blog, a Japanese girl who loves iHerb reviews the products that she actually purchased with iHerb. I hope this will be helpful for those who are thinking about purchasing products! .

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