Sahale Snacks (Snack Better) series. The strongest nut confectionery. Delicious, natural and gluten free.

Sahale Snacks (Snack Better) series. I'm crazy about too delicious nut snacks.

Sahale Snacks Snack Better is a natural premium nut brand from the United States. A natural snack based on various nuts and dried fruits.

The sweet and salty collaboration is exquisite and very delicious. Last when opening the bag. I can’t stop laughing.

IHerb is recommended if cost performance is important (if it is Amazon, it will be 1.5 times the price of iHerb). It’s delicious but a little expensive, so let’s buy a little cheaper.

Review of actually taking Sahale Snacks.

I’ve eaten Saharanack a long time ago, but I’ll eat it again. There are more than 10 types of sahale, but this time I will review the following 3 products.

I can eat as many sweets as possible ♪

Maple Pecans

It looks delicious from the package photo. I love nuts and dried fruits.

It ’s delicious!

The exquisite harmony of maple sweetness and salty salt. It’s a bit salty but very delicious.

If you eat it with cherries, dried apple fruits, or cinnamon, it will be delicious again. Is this repeat confirmation?

Honey Almonds

Honey and dried cranberries are just delicious.

I think sea salt is salty, but almonds with a little sweetness with honey are the best! The scent of vanilla bean is also American.

It also contains sweet and sour cranberries. The combination of salty and sweetness makes you feel like you are attacking thoroughly.

Maybe I like this most in the series.

Just be careful not to eat too much. LOL because it will disappear soon.

Naturally Pomegranate Flavored Pistachios

This is a variety of pistachios, almonds, cherries and pomegranates. There is a different combination of black pepper and lemon.

The collaboration between sweetness and saltiness is not only exquisite, but it also adds the spiciness of black pepper. A taste that I have never eaten.

It ’s a bit too spicy for me. If you eat a bag, it will come very tangled.

It’s quite salty, so you can add simple nuts to eat.

I'm crazy♪

My Rating 


Anyway delicious nut snacks. It’s hard to taste in Japan, so please order it with iHerb. You can buy it at Amazon Costco, but it’s expensive.

You might want to try all of these

* This is a subjective evaluation based on the word-of-mouth experiences I have tried. For your reference.


Features and cautions of Sahale Snacks Snack Better

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