Review of Now Foods, Melatonin. Is it effective for sleep and beauty? What are the side effects?

Melatonin improves sleep and excellent anti-aging effect!.

Melatonin has become famous as a supplement that improves sleep. Although it is less effective than a sleep-inducing agent that can be obtained at a hospital, it is a hormone that is naturally present in the body, so it provides natural hypnosis.

It also has an anti-aging effect that removes wastes such as active oxygen that cause aging. Women who want to be beautiful with just enough sleep + anti-aging! However, it seems to decrease with age …

Now Foods supplements are very high quality but cospa is good, so Now Foods’ Melatonin supplement is very popular in iHerb.

Review of actually taking Melatonin.

I’d like to drink it right away! Since sleep tends to be disturbed in a stressful life every day, please improve! I would be happy if I could do anti-aging.

Go to sleep healthy!

Melatonin is a hormone in the body. It is often said that “you can sleep well when exposed to sunlight in the morning”, but when exposed to sunlight, melatonin hormone is secreted after 15 to 16 hours. This time I would like to drink melatonin from evening to night, which is expected to increase in the body.

Now Foods supplements are safe because the mouth of the bottle is tightly sealed, but opening is a bit difficult.

The contents are capsules filled with white powder (in addition to active ingredients, rice flour and gelatin are used). Only 1 tablet per day.

From the conclusion, I could sleep well.

It feels very natural and makes me sleepy. Since it is hard to remain in the morning, you can wake up clearly. The quality of sleep is important, and if you sleep well, you can spend a comfortable day.

It’s good when you’re tired and don’t fall asleep, or when it’s hard to sleep. There was such an inexpensive and effective supplement … I’m glad that there is no dependence unlike sleeping pills.

By the way, depending on the situation, it is effective to use with glycine (Glycine is also sold to iHerb)

As a precaution, avoid excessive intake and long-term intake. Melatonin is a hormone that exists in the body, but if you take too much with supplements, the hormone balance may be lost. Relying on supplements is a problem, so I think it’s better to use it where necessary.

Also, I think it would be better for people with sleep disorders to go straight to the hospital and see a doctor. There are many people who say “no effect” when reviewing. It is said that the hypnotic effect is 1/3 compared to pharmaceutical products, so it is important for a serious person to see a doctor.

My Rating 


The quality of sleep is greatly improved, so repeat with glycine is confirmed. I want to sleep well and live well.

* This is a subjective evaluation based on the word-of-mouth experiences that I drank. For your reference.


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