Summary of MADRE LABS soap series. What is the difference? A soap with good aroma.

What is the difference between MADRE LABS soap reputation and type?

MADRE LABS is a daily necessities brand that is exclusively sold at iHerb.

There are a variety of products that focus on moisturizing, scrubs and exfoliating materials, and clay soaps, all of which are easy to use for the price and I buy every time iShop shopping.

The quality may be inferior to that of Nubian soap, but the price is about half, so cospa is very good.

However, since the package is in English, it may be difficult for beginners to understand, so this article summarizes the types and characteristics of MADRE LABS soap.

Review of actually taking Madre Labs Soap.

There are so many kinds that it's hard to tell which is better ...

There are many kinds and I think it’s not good (I didn’t know at first). As you can see when you actually use it, you should select the following as a guide.

Madre Labs, Castile Peppermint, Bar Soap, Vegan, 5 oz (141 g)

It has a peppermint scent and is highly recommended for summer. Because it is Castile Soap, it has moisturizing power, but the mint is soothing, so it also has a good feeling. The skin feels if it is a soap that is made with good quality and carefully made.

On the other hand, the foam is very fine, but some people may feel that foaming and detergency are not enough. It is better to foam with warm water, especially in cold water during the cold season.

Natural soap made with natural vegetable oil is wonderful! It will be irresistible for organic lovers.

It looks like this when comparing the size with the “plant tale” of Japanese soap.

To be clear, this is a big American-sized soap. It is big for the price and cospa is good, but if you are using a soap case, you probably will not enter it, so be careful

Madre Labs, Castile Lavender, Bar Soap, Vegan, 5 oz (141 g)

This is Castile Soap, but it has a lavender scent.

When I opened the bag, the scent of lavender was fluffy and I expected quite a bit, but when I actually used it, I felt that the scent was not enough. I wish I could add a little more lavender essential oil.

Personally, peppermint is recommended over lavender.

Madre Labs, Exfoliating Bar Soap, with Marula & Tamanu Oils plus Shea Butter, Citrus, 5 oz (141 g)

This is my personal recommendation!

Exfoliating Soap can be used for keratin care, and scrubbing provides the best foaming and cleaning power! It feels refreshing and cucumber after washing.

Although you may be worried about dry skin, it contains Marula & Tamanu Oil + Shea Butter, and some consideration is given to dryness. Still, if you are interested, Castile Soap may be a good choice, but first try it and choose the one that suits your skin. Although it is a good soap, the price is cheap, so I’m glad you can try it out.

There is also an unscented version, but I am citrus. It is a very fragrant scent.

Madre Labs, Matcha Green Tea, Bar Soap, with Rosemary, Marula & Argan, 5 oz (141 g)

The color is green and I wonder if it is a matcha matcha. The scent is rosemary.

This is also a very good soap, but for some reason it is expensive …

Super recommended soap ♪

My Rating 


It’s a very good soap, so I want everyone to try it out.

Surely you will find a soap that matches your skin.

* This is a subjective evaluation based on the word-of-mouth experiences I have tried. For your reference.


Features and cautions of MADRE LABS SOAP

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