Now Foods, Ashwagandha, Is it effective in improving stress? Is it a dangerous supplement?

Ashwagandha is effective in improving stress and relaxing.

Ashwagandha is a solanaceous plant that has long been popular in India. It has the effect of improving stress and improving sleep, and recent studies are said to have an effect on cancer and an anti-aging effect.

Now Foods supplements are very high quality, but cost-effective, so iHerb is now popular with Now Foods’ Ashwagandha supplements.

Review of actually taking Ashwagandha.

I would like to take it now! I’m living a stressful life every day, so I hope to improve.

I'll try it!

The mouth of the case is sealed with a seal. Maybe it takes a while to open a little. Be careful not to break your nails.

The contents are like this. The brown herb is in the capsule. Feels herb!

By the way, it must smell, so don’t open it from the capsule. It is a little hard to drink because it is a vertically long capsule.

I tried taking, but I was able to relax because I felt the effect of stress improvement. It’s a supplement that you can’t buy unless you import it personally, but I like it so I’d like to continue buying with iHerb.

However, it may be quite sleepy. I’m worried about sleep, so it’s just fine, but if you’re buying for anti-cancer, anti-aging, muscle training, etc., you might want to pay attention to daytime sleepiness.

Also, many people complain of side effects of itching when reviewing reviews. I also got a little grudge at the beginning. Maybe my blood circulation is getting better. You may want to refrain from taking up to 1 tablet a day if you feel itchy.

Sleepy ... ugly ...

My Rating 


There was an effect of stress improvement and sleep improved very much. I think it ’s a very good supplement. However, there was a slight side effect of itching, so it was minus one rating.

* This is a subjective evaluation based on the word-of-mouth experiences that I drank. For your reference.


Supplement Facts, advantages, disadvantages and cautions of Ashwagandha

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